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Tuntun is much more than a book, is a social impact project based on a children’s picture book written by Anya Damirón and illustrated by Pablo Pino.

The book promotes inclusion and bravery with a fun-filled story full of action and colorful illustrations. But at the end, readers discover that almost all African wild animals they just saw are endangered, vulnerable or threatened species and we invite them to visit our website, motivating them to learn about all the wild animals that need our help, giving them an option to Do something about it. 

In here they will find: interesting facts about animals in an attractive way for the children, an animated video of the complete story (with original music), worksheets, coloring pages, a guessing game, a list of tips for us to help in our daily life and information about the first community sanctuary in Africa, with a direct link to donate directly to the cause.

We want to take readers a step forward. This website will be an ideal tool for children to learn more than the sounds of their favorite animals and to be aware of the impact we have on the preservation of all these wonderful species. The book will be published in Spanish and English, by Algar Editorial, both in America and in Europe, and will also be published in two versions of Catalan by the Spanish publishers Bromera and Animallibres.

We have created this provisional site to share the experience of producing everything with all of you…

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To create this project, a team of very special people are working together, many collaborators and an European publisher with a wonderful journey that will publish our book in several languages. You can find a little bit about all of us here:

Anya Damirón
Anya writes, produces, story-tells, rents and sells picture books. She began her career as a writer in 2008 by launching a collection of picture books that motivates children to be curious, to dream, to invent and to use their imagination. Since then, he has continued to write and publish her books independently in the Dominica Republic. Over time, she started creating social impact projects around children's books and began storytelling having presentations every weeks in several malls of her country, achieving a positive change in her community. She also promotes family reading by sharing and renting her big collection of books from other countries with her project Renta a Cuento and now she has a book corner full of books curated by her where families can go read together for free.
Algar is a publisher specializing in children's and young people's literature with more than fifteen years of experience. Its catalog includes diverse collections, among which stands out the one dedicated to picture books, an area in which Algar has become one of the reference labels on a Spanish and American scale.
David O. López
Website Programer
Designer, developer and self-taught entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience, he is passionate about technology, programming and musical composition. He is a strong advocate of simplicity in both design and code (... and in life). Simple is better than complicated :) His main work tools to fight his web battles are html5, css3, javascript and php, and his main virtue as a programmer is the great attention he puts to the details in all the projects he develops.
Jonnathan Meléndez Bingostudio
Animator and Visual FX
Jonnathan began his career in animation in 2000 working as an animator and visual effects artist for television commercials. In 2006, Jonnathan started his independent project by opening the doors of bingostudio, an animation studio and visual effects. Today, with his vast experience in 3D animation, 2D and visual effects, he has been responsible for important projects for commercials, video clips and both local and international films. The animation of characters, both 3D and 2D, has always been his passion and he puts special interest in projects of this type that have as main receptors children, young people and the whole family.
Pablo Pino
Pablo was born in Argentina in August 1981. He draws from a very young age, like most children. He trained in a self-taught way and has worked professionally as an independent illustrator since 2006. He works in different graphic media, but what he likes best is to illustrate for children and young people. Today he has illustrated more than 50 literature books and collaborates designing characters, album covers, board games, magazines and school books for publishers in America and Europe.
Luichy Guzmán
Music Composer
Composer born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In 2013, he worked with director Joe Menendez on what would be his first feature film, "Quiero ser fiel," and which, recognizing his talent, entrusted him with the composition of his next film, the Lionsgate / Pantelion action comedy, "Ladrones ". He collaborated with director Taba Blanchard and actor Manny Pérez for the music of the film "Veneno" which premiered in 2018.
María Eugenia Vargas (Mariu)
Her attraction for the arts and the scenarios began at an early age through Dance as her first passion and profession. She later graduated in Advertising from the APEC University and later obtained a Master's Degree in Production and Entertainment Management at the University of Barcelona. Her primary focus as a professional is always to deliver more than what is expected, this being the secret of countless productions. Today she is the second half of Once y Once together with Jose Antonio (Nono).
Jose Antonio Rodríguez (NONO)
Passionate musician, creative and enterprising by nature, he began his professional training with a degree in Business Administration at UNIBE and a master's degree in Advertising in the city of Madrid, has been the mastermind behind shows that have created new trends in the local industry, marking new standards and turning each event into a communication tool through the creation of unique and unrepeatable experiences. He currently directs Once and Once with María Eugenia (Mariu).
Ambiorix Martinez
Graphic Designer
Born in the Dominican Republic, he graduated in advertising at the Catholic University of Santo Domingo (UCSD). Has worked in the most important advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Oveja negra / TBWA, Saatchi Saatchi Summit, Interamerica Lowe LIntas among others. As a young man he was the creator of a magazine where he met his second passion photography. Step by step, he enters the circle of entertainment, where he has had the opportunity to work with several artists as an art director and photographer.
Paola Tineo
Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Interior Design. Self-taught environmentalist for 20 years. Teacher of subjects of sustainability and quality of life in UNIBE since 2006. Creator of the weblog, where she provides advice for a healthy and eco-friendly life. Chatter about sustainability and eco-friendly life, for children and adults. As a member of the Environmental Network of Dominican Universities, RAUDO, trains Higher Education teachers on the topic of Climate Change. She is a consultant to the Dominican National Commission for UNESCO (CNDU). Founding member of the Fundación Ser Eco, non-profit organization, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and benefits of connecting society to nature, in order to transform each human being to live in a sustainable manner.
Sergio Carlo
Dominican announcer, presenter and actor. Known for his participation in the films La fiesta del Chivo, The Lost City and Tropic of Blood. It is the official voiceover of the HTV channel, Co-host and producer of the Chevere Nights show and producer, broadcaster and founder of the 12y2 radio program in Santo Domingo.
Jessica Near / Opposite of Far
Eco Felt Masks
I adore all the children in my life- nieces, nephews, cousins and friends' kids and I try to spend as much time with them as I can! I have a degree in Early Childhood Development/Education & Sociology. I was a Preschool teacher and Nanny for over 10 years, until I had back surgery(actually 2!) which kept me from working and eventually led me to start Opposite of Far! We take pride in carefully hand making high-quality items for children.
Mariela Medina
Stop Motion Creator
Entrepreneur and creative since 1990. Her first camera was at age 15 and photography was always her hidden passion. He studied Advertising Communication; and after working as a graphic designer, she founded and developed the accessories brand Ela Design Studio, one of the first online stores and digital brands in the DR. In 2016 she decided to start with her sister Nathalia the project of  TKI Studio, a photography studio, product styling and stop motion animations, which is responsible for the visual content of social networks of several local brands.
Cesar Fernandez
Wildlife Photographer
Cesar Fernandez is a self tought Nature photographer with an instinctive approach to exposure and composition. His passion is driven by his undeniable love for Nature and Wildlife: "I photograph what I love and inspires me, and nothing exalts me more than Nature and the outdoors". He has no prior education in art or graphic design but his body of work depict an exeptional talent and unique style that have earn him numerous awards and recognition. His images have been showcased in numerous publications and exhibitions. Born in Dominican Republic, currently living in Gadsden, Alabama.
Look Inside:

Tuntun is huge but he doesn’t know it. His footsteps scare all the other animals of the jungle, who think of everything before being brave enough to face the truth. Tuntun, reminds us that many times, things are not as we think.

A daring wasp realizes what is really happening and takes action in an unexpected way, causing an accident that changes the jungle completely. Things are never the same again. Tuntun  gets to know all the animals, discovering that he is not alone in the world and the animals begin to live wonderful adventures with his new friend.

Tuntun represents everyone who is a little different, all those species in danger of extinction, which are gradually disappearing. It represents with its greatness those who feel lonely in the world, who are judged by their appearance and those who wish they had an opportunity.

You can find this book and many more visiting my official website:
Hardcover book

Enjoy the hardcover edition of this funny story, published by the European publisher Algar, with 64 pages and a poster included.


Your support means the world to us! Thank you for being part of our crowdfunding, welcome to this wonderful journey <3

  • Rafael Damirón
  • Pilar Macchiavello
  • Rosa Lopez
  • Lilliana Rodriguez
  • Claudia Espinal
  • Clara Aquino
  • Amhed Herrera
  • Nicole Garcia Roca
  • Massiel Menendez
  • Leslie & Enoc Sánchez
  • Soraya Pina
  • Cristina Paulino
  • Amelia Baez
  • Carlos Rodriguez Alvarez
  • Mabel Rivero
  • Nathalia bentz
  • Dominic Fuentes
  • Luis Aquino
  • Gresli de la Hoz
  • Natalia Lama
  • Arlin Morales
  • Carla Caballol
  • Leticia Zorrilla
  • Persio Tobias Bisonó Santos
  • Humberto tavarez
  • Daniela Lopez
  • Beatriz García
  • Kianny N. Antigua
  • Dolores Macchiavello
  • Antonella Ghilardi
  • Sofia Macchiavello
  • Carolina Garcia
  • Jorge Roques
  • Wanda Peña Pérez
  • Lina Echeverri
  • Yesmin Barnichta
  • Larissa Rosario
  • Esther Espaillat
  • Carolina Abud
  • Masiel Alicia Montalvo Mena
  • Sara Martín Mínguez
  • Paola Moreno
  • Denisse Pichardo
  • Luz Mariel Pérez
  • Laritsa Ortiz
  • Izz Lorena
  • Elizabeth Hazim
  • Ariadna Diaz
  • natalie mora
  • Cesar Fernandez
  • Yina Guerrero
  • Paul Dominici
  • Claudia Rodriguez
  • Maricha Martinez Sosa
  • Marcela Espaillat
  • Laura Sánchez
  • Alexandra Gartner
  • Carla Quinones
  • Sahilys Duarte
  • Dermatologia Volquez
  • Michelle Abreu Vargas
  • Daniel Ureña
  • Paola Maceo Florentino
  • Amy Victor Ferreras
  • Oscarina Alvarez
  • Chiara Fenini
  • Romy Sánchez
  • Nicole Pons
  • Crystal Fiallo
  • Griselda Peña
  • Juan Zorrilla
  • Stephany Liriano
  • Laura Thevenin
  • Paola Rodriguez
  • Laura Guerrero
  • Karla Lopez Miguel
  • Yovanka Paulino
  • Margaret Valerio
  • Paula Gonzalez
  • Juan C Toral
  • Estrella Capriles
  • Nicole Rizik
  • Julissa Cruz
  • Franklin Lithgow
  • Ana Carolina Diaz
  • Inés Páez Salcedo
  • Isangee Ramírez
  • Victor Mesa
  • Nilda Baez
  • Nilda Baez
  • Maika Trueba
  • Carolina Felipe
  • Elias Serulle
  • Yamel Romero de Cardoza
  • Francisco leon
  • Charlie Grzegorzitza
  • Gabriela Aquino

African Wild animals are much more than their sound. In here, you will soon learn interesting facts about all of them!

  • LION
  • Cheetah
  • Rhino
  • Monkey
  • Giraffe
  • Hippo
  • Gorilla
  • Bufalo
  • Pangolin
  • Ostrich
  • Zebra
  • Wild Dogs
  • Elephant
  • Lemur
  • Ñu
  • Hyena
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