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Tuntun is much more than a book, is a social impact project based on a children’s picture book written by Anya Damirón and illustrated by Pablo Pino.

The book promotes inclusion and bravery with a fun-filled story full of action and colorful illustrations. But at the end, readers discover that almost all African wild animals they just saw are endangered, vulnerable or threatened species and we invite them to visit our website, motivating them to learn about all the wild animals that need our help, giving them an option to Do something about it. 

In here they will find: interesting facts about animals in an attractive way for the children, an animated video of the complete story (with original music), worksheets, coloring pages, a guessing game, a list of tips for us to help in our daily life and information about the first community sanctuary in Africa, with a direct link to donate directly to the cause.

We want to take readers a step forward. This website will be an ideal tool for children to learn more than the sounds of their favorite animals and to be aware of the impact we have on the preservation of all these wonderful species. The book will be published in Spanish and English, by Algar Editorial, both in America and in Europe, and will also be published in two versions of Catalan by the Spanish publishers Bromera and Animallibres.

We have created this provisional site to share the experience of producing everything with all of you…

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