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Take a peek of what’s happening in the production of this project.

Crowdfunding time!
Publicado el September 11, 2018, por Anya Damir贸n

We are all very, VERY happy to be launching our corwdfunding! 馃檪

Crowdfunding Video Recording
Publicado el July 31, 2018, por Anya Damir贸n

New challenges are always less difficult when we have the support of our friends to achieve them.

Publicado el July 27, 2018, por Anya Damir贸n

This guy you see here is incredible!

As I said before, what I enjoy the most about these projects is the magic that happens with the collaboration of artists from different areas who create with their talent such great things.

Luichy Guzm谩n is creating the music for the animated video of our story and today we were recording him, while he told us a bit about his creative process.
The truth is that one does not necessarily imagine what is behind when listening to music. Being able to see him explain the details of what he is doing is priceless. I am happy to have Ambiorix Martinez, who is helping me to document what is behind the work of each of our collaborators to share it with you!

Wildlife Photographer
Publicado el July 12, 2018, por Anya Damir贸n

As time goes by i feel more and more lucky with how Tuntun is getting to be. After months, maybe more than a year, looking for a wildlife photographer to come on board to the project, we discovered Cesar Fernandez. He’s work it’s just wonderful聽https://wildnaturephotography.com聽and he accepted to be part of our project right away.

This are the things that keep us going, love and kindness.

Voice Over for Audiobook
Publicado el June 6, 2018, por Anya Damir贸n

I will never forget this day. Sergio Carlo was in town and we got to record the audiobook of Tuntun in Spanish and English. He was just amazing!!!! I just can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Publisher Algar
Publicado el February 16, 2018, por Anya Damir贸n

That day, last November, I saw the way he was looking at Tuntun and I just knew it! He could see how far I want to take this project and now, a few months later, its just amazing that I get to have a picture of Algar’s first encounter with our book. We are happy to be able to work with this amazing publisher. This year will be incredible! I can feel it in my bones 馃檪

Guadalajara Book Fair
Publicado el December 1, 2017, por Anya Damir贸n

I’m off to my first meeting presenting Tuntun to publishers. Wish me luck!! <3

Wildlife conservation
Publicado el November 30, 2017, por Anya Damir贸n

Happy wildlife conservationday!
We think all animals should be free and should live in the wild. But we also feel gratefull that there are places with wonderful people that save harm animals everyday and take care of them. We hope to soon be able to create awareness with our book, and to help projects and foundations working for wildlife conservation now sharing their information.
We can all make a difference, we can all help!

Publicado el September 29, 2017, por Anya Damir贸n

The book it’s almost ready for printing a first digital sample! I can’t believe it!

Publicado el September 5, 2017, por Anya Damir贸n

There’s nothing like seeing the illustrations of a new book in its real size for the first time!
Along this path we do several tests to see how the layout of the text feels, then the sketches and then … the book when it is almost complete.


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