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Publicado el June 16, 2017, por Anya Damirón

After trying different colors we decided that Tuntún will be.. PINK. Yes! P-i-n-k! A dark pink, almost fuchsia because it’s just the best color!
At first i was worried about any negative reaction we could get because of this and i googled “Pink elephant”. To my surprise, i found out there are lots of pink elephant statues worldwide.
The elephant is a symbol of strength, power, stability and wisdom. Its also common the superstition that an elephant facing the door should always bring good luck into the house.
It was amazing to know that Red is the only color whose lighter shades have a different name than the color itself. (Pink)
Some people refer pink elephants to alcohol-related hallucinations, others wont stop telling you: DONT think of a pink elephant! only for you to create one in your mind because of how hard it is to not think of something once it’s been mentioned.
Children love elephants because they are big, extreme and can do a lot with their very special nose. I’m sure the’ll like TunTun regardless of his color. In fact! I think they will LOVE him.
The most wonderful thing i discovered during this research is that in fact, there are pink elephants alive. 🙃


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